What we do

We are building a sustainable and cleaner world!

Building Solutions

Thankyou™ is changing the landscape of waste management.

Thankyou™ is a social enterprise working across verticals to to tackle the challange of sustainable waste management.

We are a for-profit Social enterprise. Our aim is to create waste solutions for households and commercial arrangements. We believe we can make a better world by engaging technology and integrating community in the waste management chain. Our efforts are aimed at empowering hitherto unskilled and unorganised waste pickers into entrepreneurs.

Thankyou was founded back in 2016 with the purpose of providing one-stop waste solutions to make Swachh Bharat Mission a reality. We are ambitiously determined to push humanity forward by empowering our customers to live healthier and waste-free lives, to unleash their fullest potential - to be extraordinary.

Waste to Resource

Our work highlights the importance of waste as a resource and the efficient management of materials as a key component of circular economy. We aspire to develop India's recycling infrastructure, improve collection systems and working with recycling and re-use businesses, by creating new markets for its outputs.

Transforming Lives

Thankyou tries to bring change in lives of workers who are part of informal economy. These workers include Rag Pickers, House Keeping, among others. With Thankyou, these workers who are at the Bottom of Pyramid (BOP), become part of formal economy. We train them and help them up-skill and turn them into entrepreneurs.

Technology Driven

We integrate technology in our day to day work to make things easier for all grass-root workers. We ensure our system and processes improves the quality of life and empowers them to become entrepreneurial in life. We engage our technology to build sustainable solutions - from identifying waste patterns and consumer behavior patterns to building autonomous agents.

Sustainable Solution

Our foremost aim is to build sustainable solutions. Thankyou's vision is to build a waste free world. Our attempt is to change consumer behavior with our intelligent incentive-driven approach. We have built engaging technology to provide innovative, effective and sustainable solutions to provide affordable waste solutions for every home and business.