Waste Industry

Solutions for Waste Industry by Thankyou

Incredible Solutions for Waste Industry

Solutions for Waste Industry by Thankyou are comprehensively innovative and bring ground-breaking change to waste indsutry.


Our aim is to establish world-class infrastructure for waste processing and waste recycling. In doing so, we integrate existing industries and its workforce in our mission and also create new jobs.

Low-cost transportation

Providing fleet services for easy and low cost transportation of waste. Our priority technology connects haulers to customers, streamlines billing, and verifies waste reporting like never before.

Affordable & Responsible

Increasing efficiency of informal waste industry and creating one-stop solution.

Towards Decentralization

Working towards decentralized collection, processing and consumption.

Value Added Services

We provide value added services for waste industry verticals that enable them to cut costs and increase efficiency.

Richer Community

We connect the right producer and consumer to ensure that they benefit the most by way of cutting-edge technology.