Waste Audit

For Industries and Enterprises

Our Waste Audit Service

Consultation services for waste auditing for Industries / Businesses. Improving Waste Management of Businesses and real-time analytics and forecasts of industry patterns.

To ensure success in your waste disposal program, you should undertake an audit of your current waste management practices. Thankyou's experienced waste audit team can help you identify what waste materials you can recycle and how you can implement an improved program of recycling. A detailed waste audit may reveal unknown opportunities to cut your carbon footprint, increase your diversion rate, and even save you money!
Waste audit is an investigation of your existing waste management system. It involves examination of your current waste management practices and zeroing-into a best most valuable waste management system.

Our Waste Audit program is good for people who want to benchmark current recycling rates or to increase their diversion rate. Boost your bottom-line with a waste audit!

Our Waste Audit is tailored for each client

Every industry is different!

We tailor our audits to eac individual customer. You choose how much waste you want to be audited and the different waste streams, site divisions and material categories you want to be audited. We can do audit at your recycle facility. If you want your staff to see the waste audit or even participate, we will come to your stie and do it right before your eyes!
There are many benefits from conducting a waste-audit, here are just a few:

  • Gain a better understanding of your waste: know what you generate, how much you generate and where you generate it.
  • Distinguish between high and low performing sections of your building(s) or facility.
  • Benchmark current and potential diversion rates in order to monitor progress.
  • Identify the highest-potential, most cost-effective opportunities for increased source reduction, reuse and recycling.
  • Increase internal awareness about waste generation and environmental issues.
  • Reduce solid waste management costs.
  • Acquire points towards Carbon Credit and other environmental certification programs.
  • Comply with Central Pollution Control Board Requirements.
  • Get closer to achieving zero-waste.