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Residential Solutions

Thankyou offers top-notch waste management solutions for residential settings and general households.
We engage technology to make better and customized solutions for residents. We analyze the needs of a particular projects, survey the residents and then design best waste management solution for that setting. We have been operating in several government and private residential blocks. If you would like us to design a best waste management solution for your house / residential blocks / colony, etc., Contact us today.

Segregation of Waste

We promote and facilitate the segregation of waste at source. We believe if all of us start identifying and segregating wet and dry waste at our source that will enable faster processing, further leading to lesser landfills.

Door-to-door collection

We offer door-to-door collection mechanism for residential societies and colonies. We reduce the disposal costs by considerably reducing the residual fraction of the waste.

Benefitting Ecosystem

Our aim is to build solutions that benefit the entire ecosystem with our sustainable and eco-friendly approach towards waste management. In achieving this end, we benefit Households, Businesses and build a better world for future generations.

Sustainable Waste Practices

Our attempt at Thankyou is to promote sustainable waste management practices in general households and incentivise citizens to see waste as a resource and for this we liaison with government and non-government bodies.

On-Demand Pickup

We will soon offer on-demand waste pick-up at various geographical areas in India. We offer our customers best value for their waste. It will be rolled out in major Indian cities soon.

Years of experience and trust

Thankyou has been operating for several years and stocks years of experience. Across verticals, we have proved our mettle in building innovative waste solutions. We are also fortunate to have trust of our customers in us.