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• Hygienic & scientific disposal of organic waste.

• Produces “cooking gas” & organic manure as output.

• Pre-fabricated: easy to install.

• Plug & play –Ready to use.

• Minimum space & time required for installation.

• No external energy & chemical required to run the plant.

• No running cost & very low maintenance cost.

• No bad odour or stinky feeling.

• Eco-friendly & self-sustainable process.

• No dedicated or trained labour required.

• Storage of gas is possible & can be used when needed.

Long life of approx 10-15 years.

• Available in different sizes.

• Totally natural process.

• Helps society to reduce carbon footprint.

• Generates wealth from waste.

• Can be relocated if needed.

• Helps in reducing pollution & global warming.

• No risk of fire explosion.