Our Values

What drives Thankyou

Driven by passion.

Inspired by our vision.

Imagine a world without waste, a world where everything has a value, a world where every waste product finds ample opportunities to become a resource. This BHAG inspires us to think and work with complete devotion. We realize that this journey might become a herculean passage to walk through, but we are deeply determined and passionate to achieve what we believe. Failures, rejections, disappointments are a part of this journey and we stand firm to face all of them with the never ending hope of success, joy and accomplishment.

01 Deliver more than expected.

We internally terms this as 'WOW Effect'. We believe in 'WOWing' our customers with exemplary customer service by delivering our services better and faster than their expectations. Our priority is to put customer satisfaction first.

02 Fast is better than slow.

Fast is better than slow, early is better than late. What if we have 25 hours a day? We ask this question to ourselves often and we feel by having more time, we can create more accurate and better waste solutions for our customers.

03 Ease of Use for Customers

Our attempt is to make things easy and comfortable for the customers/ end-users. Someone said it right "Customers may forget what you said, but they'll never forget how you made them feel." We work 24x7 to ease our customer's efforts by making simpler products and services.

04 Celebrate Wins.

If we have to sum up the feeling of celebrating wins in one word, it'd be 'Awesome'. There's no greater feeling than knowing how our employees worked hard at something and accomplished it to the greatest of their abilities. After all their hard work, what better way to pat them on the back than with a celebration? A positive feeling and a mini 'I am awesome' party (in the most modest way, of course), are the best rewards we offer to our people.