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The average Indian throws away 0.5 Kgs. of trash a day. Most of it ends up in landfills, sending toxins into our earth and soil with releasing harmful greenshouse gases. Moreover, the $1 Trillion Waste and Recycling Industry's inefficient, outdated model is only making things worse.

Double-dipping, secretive practices and rising prices. Step into the broken world of waste management with us and we are sure by coming together we can create a world without waste. We intend to create a Zero Waste Ecosystem wherein any waste that enters Thankyou ecosystem gets converted into a resource.

Our mission is to nurture scalable and self-sustainable waste solutions for all. Towards this end, we have built solutions for consumer engagement, creating awareness, liaison with community, training and organisation of 'Waste Workers', measuring outcomes and their micro and macro-level impacts.

Our core belief is that Waste is a resource. We are constantly building innovative waste management solutions that create sustainable and profitable models of waste management. We intend to build an ecosystem where all stakeholders benefit from the value of waste.

Zero WasteTotal Zero Waste Output
Analytics & AIAI enabled technology
Green SpacesOn & Off Grid Waste Solutions
SustainablityTurning waste to resource.