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Want to know what is the core idea that drives Thankyou? Watch this short video to find out. We channelise our energy to make waste management a sustainable and profitable enterprise.

Thankyou is making a better universe. One dent at a time.

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Thankyou is a social enterprise.

We make the world a better place to live in.

We believe we can make a better world by engaging technology and integrating community in the waste management chain. Our efforts are aimed at empowering hitherto unskilled and unorganised waste pickers into entrepreneurs.

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We're making a cleaner and greener Jaipur.

Our current are under execution at 'Pink City - Jaipur'.

We're making Jaipur a great place. We currently 4 projects under execution in Jaipur in different verticals. All aimed towards making a sustainable chain or resources.

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We're expanding faster!

Pan India presence it is.

Thankyou is expanding fast. We have registered unbelievable growth and have discovered amazing collaboration opportunities with our partners. We are taking Thankyou concept to a pan India level.

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Industry verticals we are serving

We are actively serving multiple verticals
Predictive Models

We use intelligent analytics to predict trends in waste management industry. All our models are integrated with intelligent prediction and analysis technology.

Responsive to behavior

Our technology uses intelligent metrics and algorithms to track user behavioral patterns and changes.

Towards smarter cities

Our model uses technology and Big Data to create a grid of responsive waste management services. Our chain of services coupled with our technology helps in immense cost reduction and helps us build new self-sustainable models.

Tailored Personal Solutions

We have developed a non-intrusive way of identifying patterns in end-consumer behavior patterns in waste management.
This coupled with our BI platform, allows us to offer better, more personalized solutions.

Our Technology Driven Model

We are a technology driven company. Our innovative models are built on cutting edge technology solutions.

One of our major competitive advantage is our technology enabled model. Our technology enables us to gain forecasts and hitherto invisible insights of waste industry.

It also gives us a competitive advantage of analyzing behavior patterns of end-consumer. We use big-data intensive techniques with machine learning to build best waste management and monitoring solutions.

Enabling 3Rs - Reduce

Our efforts are directed at minimization of waste. We promote and facilitate the segregation of waste at source. We believe if all of us start identifying and segregating wet and dry waste at our source that will enable faster processing further leading to lesser landfills. Moreover, we intend to increase the quality of the recovered material and bring costs down for processing waste.

Enabling 3Rs - Reuse

One person's trash is another person's treasure. Instead of discarding or dumping unwanted appliances, tools, clothes, machines, our approach involves maximizing reuse. Towards our goal of resource optimization, we provide efficient solutions for both formal and informal waste industry. We are working towards decentralized collection, processing and consumption of waste.

Enabling 3Rs - Recycle

Recycling enables the materials that you throw away to be used again by making them usable by recycling or converting them into new products. If items cannot be reused or recycled, it is sometimes possible to recover the energy that they contain through a waste treatment process.

Beyond 3Rs - Towards Zero waste sustainable solutions

Although Reduce, Reuse and Recycle have served as the guiding principle of sustainability. While the 3Rs remain important, our approach at Thankyou is to move beyond the concept of "Waste". We consider waste as a resource - and hence our efforts are aimed towards creating a 'Zero-Waste' sustainable solutions.

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